Buy Full Tilt Chips

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Buy Full Tilt Chips

If you have below 5 million of Pokerstars Play Chips to sell, DO NOT go to live support because I am looking for sellers with at least 5 million of pokerstars chips. I am not paying with Pokerstars cash (That is I will not be paying with Pokerstars real money funds period, since I use them for another purpose).

We supply Pokerstars and Zynga play chips at the best price available quickly through our great live chat support below.

Live Chat is Now in the Bottom Right!

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Full Tilt Chips

Buy Fulltilt Play Chips                         $17 for 1 mill | $32 for 2 mill | $45 for 3 mill | 5 mill for ONLY $62

NOTE: If you find a website selling price lower than us, we will try to beat that price for you.

Pokerstars Play Chip Money

Buy Pokerstars Play Money               $30 – 30 mill | $60 – 75 mill |  $120 -165 mill – ONLY

(Anything over 4 mill will require references.)

For PS Sellers, the rate is at $1.30 per million and I will not go any higher (I DO NOT PAY WITH POKERSTARS DIRECT CASH TRANSFER or Moneybooker or Neteller if it is for Pokerstars Play Money)

Buy/Sell Zynga Chips (I am currently not buying Zynga Chips so please do not ask this question. I might in a month.)

Exchange Real Money

Pokerstars Available

Cake Poker Available

Lock Poker Available

Aced Poker Available

Minted Poker Available

Buy Party Poker Play Money / Sell

Buy Minted Play Chips

Sell Poker View Play Chips

Buy True Poker Money

Wanna play poker online? Well you came to the right place. Here we have Pokerstars play chips, Zygna play chips, and many more to come. We also have real exchange for the people who wants to play real.  No need to waste your time and grind for the small amount when you could just buy a few millions here to get a head start.

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